Workshop X- Online teaching (max. 40 participants)

Combination and application of long-distance inter-university inter-professional education and the Online Four-step Teaching of Encouraging and Sharing in physiology teaching in post -COVID-19 era

Ting Huai Wang
Sun Yat-sen University, China

The "Online Four-step Teaching of Encouraging and Sharing (OFST)" is a learner-centered teaching method that advocates teamwork and gives full play to the role of the teacher in guiding learning. OFST consists of four steps: teachers' guiding, students' self-regulated learning, team learning and practice, experience sharing. In this workshop, we will share the OFST and demonstrate how to carry out the long-distance inter-professional OFST based on the online platform. And you will learn:1.How to use the OFST to reconstruct the teacher-student relationship under the online education situations? 2.How to use the OFST to improve the effectiveness and comprehensive quality of students' online learning? 3.How to use the OFST to ensure the quality of online education and teaching? This workshop will provide a better choice for interdisciplinary and interprofessional online teaching in the post-epidemic era.

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1 September 2021

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