Workshop XI- Hybrid teaching (max. 40 participants)

Discussion and assessment on blended learning models for different learning environment

Xuefei Wu
Dalian Medical University, China

Blended learning is known as a combination of online learning and face-to-face instruction to enhance the learning experience, which has increasingly been used in education, especially in colleges and universities. The ongoing COVID-19 epidemic has caused difficulties to teaching, but it has also created opportunities and promoted innovation, including the development of online teaching technology and platform, the improvement of teachers' online teaching skills and students' online learning habits and abilities. The concept and pattern of blended learning during and after the pandemic are to be adjusted or modified. Different models of blended learning including flipped mode, mixed model, flex model and supplemental model should be adopted according to the size of the class, students’ characteristics, teaching content and online learning resources, etc. There could be different combination of components of blended learning such as face-to-face instructor-led, face-to-face collaboration, online instructor-led, online collaboration and online self-paced. We are going to summarize the commonly used models of blended learning based on analysis of the literature and our own experiences in Physiology teaching. We will share the models in this workshop and organized group discussion on the concept of blended learning and the features, advantages, limitations and scope of application of different models, as well as suggestions and modifications on the models. Our purpose of this workshop is to promote the understanding and communication on the concept and practice of blended learning that can increase student engagement, knowledge transfer, critical thinking, learning capability and problem-solving skills.

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