Workshop III- Teacher's empathy (max. 40 participants)

Teaching strategy with empathy in physiology education

Jianguo Li
Shanxi Medical University

In the process of teaching physiology, teaching quality can be improved through empathy teaching. It is worth discussing how to effectively use empathy in teaching. For example, when teaching difficult problems in physiology, such as electrophysiology, how to feel the confusion of electrical activities from the perspective of students, and teach problems according to the characteristics of students' language; When some students have a rebellious performance in the learning process, such as brushing their mobile phones in class, how to treat the students from the perspective of their parents, use compassionate mentality find solutions; In the experiment, some classmates may feel painful when they discover that the experiments need animals such as rabbits, and refuse to continue the experiment. How to view students from the perspective of an animal conservationist and finish the experiment.

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